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These are instructions for setup and first time log in on your LBL-Managed Chromebook. 

*If you do not see "Managed by" on the Sign in to your Chrome Device" screen, you will need to Enroll Your Device BEFORE anyone logs in.

Getting Started

1) Most new devices will show the "Sign in to your Chromebook(or Chromebox)" screen, if you do not see this screen you may need to hit "Add a User" in the bottom left corner.  Click Next to procede to the Berkeley Lab Identity SSO screen.

2) Next enter your Berkeley Lab Identity SSO (aka LDAP) Username and Password and select Log in.  Some users may need to also provide a 6-digit MFA token from their Google Authenicator App or Yubikey USB device.

3) That's it! You will then be brought to your desktop:

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