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Update Legacy LastPass App for Mac Desktops
Starting on March 31, 2024, LastPass will no longer support their legacy application for Mac desktops. Users who downloaded the Mac desktop app directly from the LastPass site or prior to June 2023 are impacted. Users of the LastPass browser extension are not affected.
QR Code Use Policy
When used appropriately, QR codes may be useful for marketing events or campaigns. Learn more about the Lab's QR code use policy.
IPv6 Available on VPN and Visitor Wireless
IPv6 addresses are now offered on the Berkeley Lab VPN via DHCPv6 and on the visitor wireless network.
Archive Universal Analytics Data by June 2024
Starting the week of July 1, 2024, users will no longer be able to access any Universal Analytics properties and all data will be deleted.
End of Support for Outdated Operating Systems
This is a reminder for Berkeley Lab users regarding end of support for outdated Windows and macOS operating systems. Systems deemed as security risks may be blocked with no prior warning from accessing the Lab network. 
Changes to Institutional Service Email Addresses
In the coming weeks, emails from ServiceNow, Taleo, and LabAlert will start arriving From new sender addresses, e.g.,,, and, instead of This is an official change to better secure Berkeley Lab. Please update your email filters as the senders change.
Special Cyber Announcement: Update Web Browsers
The Lab Cyber Security team is releasing a special announcement regarding web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. A significant vulnerability was recently reported targeted image compression technology broadly used by web browsers. Everyone should immediately ensure their web browser is updated.
Recommended Steps Before Upgrading to macOS Sonoma
Learn how to prepare your device for an upgrade to macOS Sonoma by taking a few steps to ensure a smooth experience.
Windows Passwords – Active Directory (AD) vs Local User Account
Windows computers issued by Berkeley Lab IT will either use an Active Directory or a Local User account. They are different but are both used for logging into Windows computers. In this article, we explain the difference between the two systems and provide guidance in case you need to reset or update your passwords. 
Upgrade to CrowdStrike to Resolve Sophos Errors
As of July 21, Sophos is no longer supported at Berkeley Lab. If you don’t have CrowdStrike installed, the Lab’s new antivirus software, your system is no longer fully protected, and you might encounter Sophos error messages. Fix the errors and ensure work devices remain protected by upgrading to CrowdStrike today.

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