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What is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS is an open source derived operating system designed by Google that is based on the Linux kernel and uses the Google Chrome Web Browser as its principal user interface. As a result, Chrome OS primarily supports web applications, such as G Suite (formerly called Google Apps for Work, Google Docs etc..)

Why Chrome OS?

Berkeley Lab's IT User Support Department is continually striving to stretch dollars for science.  One way to achieve this objective is to offer low-cost, low maintenance Chrome OS laptop and desktop devices to users in lieu of expensive Windows or Mac OS computers.

  1. Berkeley Lab Chrome OS devices provide protection against loss or theft of data, Chrome OS devices can be wiped remotely and/or completely disabled until recovered
  2. Chrome OS devices protect against loss or corruption of data by not storing documents and data on device hard drives
  3. Chrome OS devices are inexpensive ($200-$500 dollars generally) and require far less maintenance than traditional computers

Chrome OS Devices as Workstations

Chrome OS devices (ChromebookChromeboxChromebase and Chromebit) cannot run traditional native Windows or Mac programs, but often there is a Chrome App version of the traditional desktop application. View available Apps in the Chrome Web Store.  These are the same Apps and Extensions available for install in the desktop Chrome browser on Mac OS and Windows.  They can be a good alternative for those who heavily use Berkeley Lab's G Suite collaboration toolsZoom, Microsoft Office 365, Service Now, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or other browser based tools such as Maximo, Peoplesoft, LETS, Confluence and JIRA.

Operations Chrome OS Testing and Migration

Beginning in FY2017, the Operations Desktop Support (ODS) program is piloting a project to provide some Operations users (on a voluntary basis) ChromeOS devices for testing and evaluation. Operations users who would like to participate in the program are encouraged to request an assessment by submitting a ticket to [email protected] or by calling x4357(H-E-L-P).  The more participants the more dollars saved in Operations that can go towards science.

Chrome OS Applications and Extensions

Browse recommended Apps and Extensions in the Chrome Web Store

G Suite Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Learn more about G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work) or click here for G Suite Quickstart Guide or install the G Suite Training Browser Plug-In

Chrome OS connecting to LBNL-employee 

Employee wireless for Chromebooks

Printing in Chrome OS

How to Setup and Print to Copiers, Printers and MFP Devices

Chrome Sync

Cloud storage of bookmarks, settings (shared between desktop/laptop/mobile). This helps ensure you have the same Chrome settings when you are in your Chrome browser or on whatever Chrome device.

Setup Google Chrome Sync

Digital Signage Options with Chrome OS Devices

Does your department or group need Digital Signage at an affordable price?  Perhaps you want to replace an existing system that's hard to manage and unreliable.  Digital Signage on Chrome devices offer "appliance" like ease of use. If you would like a demo or seek consultation submit a request here and we will be glad to help you.