What was installed:

Cluster support group added the following:

  • No new equipment

Business Systems group added the following:

  • No new systems

What was removed:

Cluster support group removed the following:

  • No new equipment removed

Business Systems group removed the following:

  • Several servers previously moved to VM servers resulted in approximately 4kw to 5kw IT load reduction.

December average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE): Still unknown due to sensor error

  • Average Power Consumption: 
    • 330kW IT
    • 1kw Lighting
    • 24.1kw Building and IT Losses
    • xxxkw Cooling Power - unknown due to senosr error
  • Average Cooling Load: 93.7 tons
No pie chart this month due to software error

Data Center Efficiency Progress:

The DOE national average PUE for data centers is 1.75. 50B-1275 data center has evolved from an average PUE of 1.65 (calculated in 2009) to today’s 1.47. Getting there, staying there, and further improving the PUE is an ongoing effort.

Key highlights for this month include:

  • CPU energy use continued to decrease during the month primarily due to drop in cluster support CPU utilization.  Business systems also reduced load by approximately 4kw.
  • The new VFD software to automatically control the air handler air flow was disable due to software issue.  Vendor is working on new release.
  • One temperature sensor used to calculate chiller energy is still not working.  The sensor continues to provide erroneous data used for calculating the PUE.  The sensor ix expected to arrive early January.
  • Last month we reported raising the room temperature slightly.  The resulting affect has been high number of floor tiles becoming de-laminated.