We have recently created a "pilot" service for conference management using Indico, a software tool created at CERN and used extensively for planning and managing large conferences. It continues to be actively maintained and LBL has the latest release.

We intent to make this available during FY12 - and based on customer feedback, continue the service or retire the pilot.

If you are organizing a conference and have used something like Indico, you might want to use the LBL service. Here's how:

  1. Go to conferences.lbl.gov
  2. Login using your Berkeley Lab "LDAP" credentials
  3. If you plan on creating content, send a request to help.lbl.gov asking for rights to one of the categories (content is divided into categories which we have implemented as divisions).
  4. The IT Help Desk will assign manager rights for your area

Not familiar with Indico? You will find a nice help manual using the help link.

Note: this is not a replacement for the excellent assistance that Berkeley Lab Conference Services provides - it is just another tool that can be considered.   The Conference Services web site is here.