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The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Library is pleased to provide electronic journal access that is in parity with the UCB campus.


How do I locate an electronic or paper journal or an individual article?

(tick) Search OskiCat for the name of the journal to determine LBNL electronic and physical holdings and request delivery of paper copies.

(tick) Consult the A-Z index of Journals

(tick) Search Databases and use UC-eLinks to find and request a journal article.

(tick) Search Melvyl if LBNL doesn't have the journal you're looking for and then request the article.  (If you see only article records displayed for your journal, click on a record and a link to the journal may be available on the resulting screen.)  

(tick) Search for Magazine/Newspaper articles

(question) Ask an LBNL reference librarian for assistance by visiting the Reading Lounge or submitting a Help Request.  If you do not have a LBNL email address, please send your request to [email protected].

More information about finding electronic and paper journal articles.

Off-site Access

  • VPN (Virtual Private Networking) Client

    A VPN is a network built for the private use of a particular institution over the shared public infrastructure. VPNs work by establishing secure "tunnels" for the transfer of information.  Because the data which passes through such tunnels is encrypted, it is protected from unauthorized access. Additionally, the VPN tunnel end-points (aka peers) authenticate with each other to prevent identity spoofing, and verify all received data to ensure that it has not been altered during transmission.

    LBNL uses VPN technology to provide secure connections for remote access users. Because LBL-VPN users are assigned an IP address in the domain, they can access Laboratory resources as if they were on-site.

    LBL-VPN is a software-based VPN service. Employees wishing to use LBL-VPN must install VPN client software on their computer(s). The software is available, free of charge, from

  • Proxy Server

The proxy server provides off-campus/lbl access to electronic resources licensed by the LBNL Library. These include article databases, e-journals, e-books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, numeric data, and other premium online resources.

When you visit a restricted (proxied) site (like Web of Science) or others noted in the LBNL Library Database Listings;you will be redirected first to login via Our Berkeley Lab Single Sign On, then to the site where you had intended to go. In order to do this, you will have to modify your browser to point to the proxy server. Note: the use of this "proxy" is only needed if you are not connected to the LBNL network (visitors wireless, home, travel destinations all need this setting to work)

Click on this link to get instructions to modify your browser.

How do I get access to material LBNL doesn't have electronic access to?

See information about ILL Requests