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Grouper Overview

Grouper (primarily) manages Google groups whose memberships need to be dynamically-populated from an external data source (eg the directory, data warehouse, etc) with the additional capability to manually include and/or exclude individuals.

A dynamic Google group's member role is composed of an _include Grouper group minus its corresponding _exclude Grouper group and the Google group's manager role corresponds to the _managers Grouper group.

Grouper loader jobs automatically add and remove users from dynamic groups (active users by ALD, Division, Department, etc) based on external data sources (the directory, data warehouse, etc).

Each morning around 9AM Grouper synchronizes group memberships up to their corresponding Google groups.

If a Google group is managed in Grouper and if that group's membership is modified in the Google groups interface (, then those changes will be overwritten during the next sync from Grouper to Google.

Managing group membership in Grouper

  1. Log into Grouper at:

  2. You can also find any groups are a member of or have privileges to manage by going to My groups under Quick links

  3. Add or remove members from an _include, _exclude and/or _managers Grouper group(s)

    For example, the [email protected] Google group is synchronized from the level1-it Grouper group under the org:Operations:Information Technology:app:Google Groups folder, so the groups that can need be modified are:

    org:Operations:Information Technology:app:Google Groups:level1-it_exclude
    org:Operations:Information Technology:app:Google Groups:level1-it_include
    org:Operations:Information Technology:app:Google Groups:level1-it_managers

  4. Wait for Grouper to sync the membership and/or manager changes to Google 

Get support for Grouper managed Google groups

Email [email protected]

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