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Berkeley Lab IT makes it simple to get a new iPad quickly and easily. We sometimes also have re-purposed iPads available for no charge!

We provide the lowest-cost and highest-quality services available, based on Lab-Standard hardware and software, automated management systems, and many, many years of experience. 

Service Offering

IT provides the following services for all new and re-purposed workstation requests:

  • Help selecting the ideal iPad for your work and budget
  • Procurement of hardware and accessories
  • Enrolling iPad in our management system
  • Pre-configuring the iPad with Berkeley Lab recommended software and settings
  • Delivery, installation, and configuration
  • Transfer data, settings, and applications from previous iPads
  • Retrieval and re-purposing of previous iPads


IT charges a fixed rate of $100/hr for iPad procurement and setup. 

These fees ares not charged to personnel from Operations Divisions, as part of the Operations Desktop Support program. 

How to Request Service

Users can request an iPad through our Google form. These forms will generate a service request in the askUs system.

Anyone wishing to purchase an iPad from one of IT's new or re-purposed Lab-standard iPads should use this form: Lab-Standard Computer Request Form.  The Lab-standards are summarized below.

IT highly recommends that users deploy Lab-standard models.

The same form is used for ordering workstations as well as iPads, so not all questions will be relevant to the purchase of an iPad. In order to request an iPad, select iOS as the operating system, and tablet as the computer type.

More Information


Selecting from the standard configurations will ensure the fastest delivery of your workstation.

Any customiuzation made to these specifications will require additional time and labor for provisioning.

iPad Class

Purpose and Use Case

Without Cellular

With Cellular

General Purpose

7.9" iPad Mini 4

Suitable for users who want a tablet for email, browsing, and users who need a highly portable device to carry all day.


2048x1536 326dpi display
8MP Camera
0.65 lb



2048x1536 326dpi display
8MP Camera
0.68 lbs



9.7" iPad 6th Gen

Suitable for most users who want a lightweight tablet for web and media browsing, or who need a bit more screen space.


2048‑by‑1536 display
8MP Camera
1.03 lbs



2048‑by‑1536 display
8MP Camera
1.05 lbs


Graphics Performance

10.5" iPad Pro

Suitable for higher-CPU applications and multi-tasking. These are well suited for users who actively use their tablet throughout the day, and need to switch between many applications, including graphics and video editing.


2224‑by‑1668 264 dpi display
12MP Camera
1.03 lbs



2224‑by‑1668 264 dpi display
12MP Camera
1.05 lbs


High Performance

12.9" iPad Pro

The top-end iPad model, these are suited for users who need a very fast system, very sharp picture, and a very large display. These are the closest to being a drop-in replacement for a full laptop.


256 GB
2732x2048 264dpi display
12MP camera
1.49 lbs



256 GB
2732x2048 264dpi display
12MP camera
1.53 lbs


Standard Software

These applications are installed by default on all iPads deployed using Berkeley Lab IT's iPad management system.

GSuite Applications
Collaboration Tools
Web Shortcuts
LBL Services


Google Calendar

Google Slides

Google Docs

Google Drive

Google Slides

Google Photos


Google Authenticator

In Case of Crisis (LBL Emergency Guide)


Service Now

LBL MFA Token Management


Additional Help Resources

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