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What is a Repurposed Computer?

Computers which have reached the end of their support lifecycle in the Operations Desktop Support Program are retrieved from Operations staff, refurbished, and made available to be repurposed for other Lab employees and uses. For example, these computers can be repurposed as a data collection system, a group loaner system, a gateway system to protect a private network of computers that can't be upgraded, etc.. The computer and any software licenses already on the system (such as Microsoft Office) are made available for FREE. There is a flat fee of $250 to cover the labor required to re-image, configure, and install the system, and to transfer files and applications from another computer. If a user has any additional needs, labor is charged at $100/hour. Please note we have RAM and storage drives on hand to increase capacity on most systems.

All repurposed systems come with standard Lab security and management applications installed, including Sophos Anti-virus and BigFix. BigFix can be run in either active or passive modes (see How Berkeley Lab BigFix Can Help You).

Order a Repurposed Computer

A repurposed computer can be ordered using the Request a Computer link. The form will ask whether you would like a new or used system, please select the 'Used'.

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