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Google Sync is used to synchronize your Lab email and calendar events with Apple’s native Mail and Calendar apps on your iOS devices.

Google has announced that Google Sync will completely stop working on 9/30/24. Below is the timeline from Google.

  1. Beginning June 15, 2024 - New users will not be able to connect to Google Workspace via Google Sync.
  2. Beginning September 30, 2024 - Existing Google Sync users will not be able to connect to Google Workspace

Well before this date, we recommend you switch to using the Gmail and Google Calendar apps from Google. The Gmail and Google Calendar apps from Google provide more functionality than the Apple native Mail and Calendar apps. 

Google’s Gmail and Calendar apps can be found on the Apple App Store. For instructions on how to set up the Gmail and the Google Calendar apps, please see these articles.

Setup LBNL Email on Mobile Devices

Setup Google Calendar on iOS

If you still prefer to use Apple Mail and Apple Calendar, you will need to delete the current account from your device and re-add using “sign-in with Google”.

Delete the account that is using Google Sync

1Open the Settings app

2Tap Mail

3Tap Accounts

4Tap Exchange (or another name)


Tap Delete Account

Note: Make sure the account is your account at the top

Note: Your Reminders will be deleted if you have them. Do not delete the account if you still need the Reminders. Instead, just turn off Contacts and Calendars to avoid having duplicate entries.


Tap Delete from My iPhone

If you do not see Settings> Mail> Accounts, then follow these steps instead:

  • Tap Passwords & Accounts> Exchange (or another name)> Delete Account

Add account using “sign-in with Google”

1Open the Settings app

2Tap Mail

3Tap Accounts

4Tap Add Account

5Tap Google

6Tap Continue


Tap your LBL account (if available) or Use another account

8Enter your email address and tap Next

9Login with your username and Identity password

10Enter your OTP

11Scroll down and tap Allow

12Enable Contacts and Notes if you prefer

13If you enable Contacts, tap Keep on My iPhone to keep the existing phone contacts

14Tap Save

15The new account will appear as Gmail on the list

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