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Purpose of Knowledge Article:

  • Use this article to assist with keeping your disk utilization down
  • For any operating system
  • Make sure to have your device backed up before data deletion


Using Cloud Storage

  • Utilize cloud or external storage. The Lab offers unlimited data storage via Google Drive. The Google Drive desktop app can help users that desire a normal file browser experience from Drive. It will show your Google Drive in File Explorer or Finder as if it were a file on your hard drive

Organize Your Data

  • Maintain downloaded data - you should only download data temporarily and then upload it to Google Drive where possible. The downloads folder should be cleaned out as often as possible to avoid storing unnecessary data
  • Any work-related Documents, Pictures, Desktop data, Movies, Music, etc. should be uploaded to Google Drive and removed from your hard drive. Personal data should be moved to a personal device or stored on non-Lab resources, such as a personal Google Drive account attached to a non-LBL email account

Restart and Update

  • Restart your computer to apply updates - often an update will download, but not install until the device is restarted. Make sure to shut down your device at the end of the day and restart in the morning to help remove update installation packages that are pending


  • Storing excess data on the device to the point of diminished performance and/or network block

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