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  1. Open up a tab in your browser

  2. Go to

  3. Click “Sign In” (if you are not already signed in to a lab service like Gmail, you will be redirected to the LBL Authentication page)

  4. Either join a meeting (you just need the meeting number) or host a meeting - both options on the top right

  5. Documentation is at (look for the zoom page in the left hand side bar)

  6. Assistance with Zoom - contact the IT Help Desk and request a demo/training session (x4357) or follow the lbl help link on the top right.

Note: when you sign in for the first time, your Zoom account is automatically provisioned.

Account types

Standard Zoom accounts are provided free to the lab by the IT Division Collaboration Services Group.


By default, all new accounts are standard. All the functionality of Zoom is available with the exception of providing toll free telephone connections to your meeting. (toll numbers for US and International are provided)


If you desire to provide free phone calls for participants in your meetings, you will need to identify a project ID and Activity Code. You will be recharged for minutes your participants use, based on a rate table provided by Zoom. Request toll-free by requesting one from the IT Help Desk (x4357, sending an email to, or entering in a ticket at

Special Features

ParticipantsUp to 100 participants
Screen SharingScreen sharing is available to any participant (host can lock out screen sharing for a meeting).

Any participant can annotate content on a shared screen. (host can lock this out for participants)


A participant can grant remote access control to another participant - useful for troubleshooting or providing assistance

Room Systems

Traditional room systems can join a Zoom Meeting (call in to the IP address in the event invitation)


Users can allow another licensed user to schedule meetings on their behalf.

Google Calendar

Zoom scheduling is integrated with Google Calendar. Download the plugin.


Zoom instant meeting invitations use Gmail to send the invitations.

VC CartsZoom is on our Video Conference carts (typically used to join a meeting)

More features...

Webinar Option

As part of the 2018 contract with Zoom, we have one 3000 person Webinar license. This license can be allocated to an account and, when the event is completed, the license can be allocated to another user. Contact the IT Help Desk ( and request use of this license for up to a two week period (enough time to practice using the license and then to conduct the event).

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