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Extensions are small programs that modify and enhance the Chrome browser and what functions it can perform.  

How to Add an Extension

1) Navigate to the Google Chrome Web Store.

2) Find the extension that you would like to install.

3) Next select the blue button on the right of the extension "ADD TO CHROME"



4) Next confirm that this is the extension you would like to add.


5) This should be a fairly fast install. Once it is installed click on the new extension to the right of the URL to configure it or set preferences.



Useful Extensions for Chrome

Extension Name



Google Hangouts

Hangouts brings conversations to life with photos, emoji, and

even group video calls for free.

GSuite Training

Interactive training and walkthroughs within GSuite. For more

information see Chrome Training.

Office Online

View, edit and create Office files in your browser. 


PhishMe Reporter

A one-click solution for reporting suspicious emails.

Save to Google Drive

Save web content or screen capture directly to Google Drive.

Zoom Scheduler

Schedule Zoom meetings directly from Google Calendar.

Additional Help Resources


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