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What is Chombo?

Chombo provides a set of tools for implementing finite difference and finite volume methods for the solution of partial differential equations on block-structured adaptively refined rectangular grids. Both elliptic and time-dependent modules are included. Chombo supports calculations in complex geometries with both embedded boundaries and mapped grids, and Chombo also supports particle methods. Most parallel platforms are supported, and cross-platform self-describing file formats are included.

The Chombo package is a product of the community of collaborators working with the Applied Numerical Algorithms Group part of the Computational Research Division at LBNL.

Chombo is a Swahili word meaning "tool" or "container".



Chombo is provided as a fully open-source distribution, released under a modified BSD license. We have a Chombo Download Page if you want to see details but here is the gist.
The current Chombo release is distributed via the svn version control system. Before you can download Chombo, you must register. Registration is free and does not carry an encumbrance on your part. We just need to keep a record of access. Registration gets you an account via which you can access the Chombo svn repository via svn. If you have already previously registered for Chombo download, you may skip directly to the download page.

Latest Release:  Chombo 3.2.7 was released August 5, 2019.   This release includes support for hybrid OpenMP/MPI parallelism, new interfaces for using PETSc and a compressible Navier Stokes application  for high speed flows in complex geometries which uses embedded boundaries, along with continuous performance and compatibility improvements.

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The Design Docs for Chombo can be downloaded independently of the source and without registration.

Citing Chombo

If you publish using Chombo as one of your tools, please cite the following technical report.:   

If you use the embedded boundary tools, please also cite the following technical report.

  •   P. Colella,  D. T. Graves, T. J. Ligocki, G.H. Miller, D. Modiano, P.O. Schwartz, B. Van Straalen, J. Pillod,  D. Trebotich and M. Barad,  EBChombo Software Package for Cartesian Grid, Embedded Boundary Applications, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Technical Report LBNL-6615E.


Chombo User Community



The Applied Numerical Algorithms Group is part of the Computational Research Division at LBNL. We are funded by the Department of Energy.

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