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The Human and Animal Regulatory Committees office, HARC, assists researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in complying with federal and state regulations covering the protection of human subjects and animals used in scientific research. The HARC office administers three committees at LBNL:

The Animal Welfare and Research Committee is chaired by Dr. Antoine Snijders. The AWRC meets once a month and consists of staff scientists at the Lab, the Animal Colony consulting veterinarian, the Animal Colony manager, HARC staff, and a public member.

The Human Subjects Committee is chaired by Dr. Antoine Snijders. The HSC is LBNL's IRB and generally meets once a month. The committee is made up of staff scientists and community members and considers any research at LBNL involving humans or human tissues.

The Radioactive Drug Research Committee is chaired by Dr. Rebecca Abergel. The RDRC meets quarterly to consider research involving the use of radioactive drugs and on an as needed basis to consider proposed and continuing research involving human subjects and experimental radiotracers. The RDRC makes recommendations to the HSC on the appropriateness, dosage, etc. of proposed radioactive drugs in research at the Lab involving human subjects.

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