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The AWRC serves as the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for Berkeley Lab, meeting once a month and consisting of staff scientists at the Lab, the Animal Colony consulting veterinarian, the Animal Care Facility manager, HARC staff, and community members. Federal regulations concerning scientific research using animals may be found here.

Did you know that the AWRC reviews more than just on-site animal use? These are some examples of other research that may require approval from the AWRC:

1) Wild cephalopods, fish, birds, or other vertebrates being caught, sampled, and released

2) Activities conducted in the field, if the activity alters or influences the biology, behavior or ecology of the study animals or other species

3) Live animal use to produce samples for your research project, no matter who owns those animals

4) Project-specific manipulation of animals prior to euthanasia to obtain tissues or other biological products

5) Subcontracting of funds to another institution for animal work to be performed (including commercial farms)

6) When a privately owned animal participates in a study or veterinary clinical trial and the activity includes collection or generation of data for research purposes

7) Use of live embryonated eggs of any vertebrate species (amphibian, avian, etc.)

8) Activities with the larval forms of fish and amphibians

If you’re not sure whether your project is required to meet the regulations for animal welfare, please contact the HARC Office:

Help Desk: Visit our Customer Portal or create a ticket by email at [email protected]

General Email: [email protected], or

Book an appointment: office hours.

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