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Utilizing a two factor authentication process helps protect your online accounts and access to your resources. IT recommends everyone adopt MFA to provide you that extra layer of defense. Further details can be found on the  MFA page.



CrowdStrike / Anti-virus Software

LBNL Cyber Security has defined the Minimum Security Requirements and and all computers connected to the Berkeley Lab network must meet these requirements. One requirement is the installation of an antivirus software with automatic updates. Berkeley Lab IT has adopted Sophos CrowdStrike as the enterprise solution. Sophos CrowdStrike can be downloaded from the the Software Store and see Sophos Anti-virus CrowdStrike Information page for more information and instructioninstallation instructions.

Backup Data

Your data is important so don't wait for that disaster. Be proactive and obtain a backup solution that meets your needs. Berkeley Lab IT offers Druva inSync as the enterprise backup tool, which can be purchased from the Software Store.