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Safety Awards at a Glance Safety culture awareness is recognized - and rewarded - from "every day" Hero Cards to the Director's Award level, usually for lifetime achievement. 

Hero Card - on-the-spot acknowledgments from one peer to another for positive everyday safe behavior.

Safety Spot Award - recognizes and rewards outstanding individual and/or team efforts. It is designed as a tool for supervisors to reward workplace contributions that occur on a day-to-day basis and impact the safety of an organizational unit, team, or department. 

Director's Achievement Awards -  Annual awards to honor exceptional achievement by laboratory employees. One of the award areas is accomplishments and leadership in promoting safety culture. 

Ergo Advocates - the one-stop summary for all things ergonomic, including contact information for your division's "ergo advocate."

Safety Concerns Contact Information -  EHS and DOE contact information for reporting safety concerns and observed hazardous conditons. 

Safety Culture Self Assessment Lines of Inquiry - a set of questions that aid in preparing a division self-assessment (scroll down to "Safety Culture")

Lessons Learned - database of safety incidents and valuable safety information to prevent such incidents.

Principles for Conducting Incident/Event Analyses - focuses on understanding the direct cause of an incident, the underlying organizational strengths and weaknesses, and lessons learned, from the LBNL Director's perspective.

Other Initiatives:

Safety Photo Contest: 2017

Safety Photo Contest: 2014 

Safety Video Contest: 2011 

Safety Video Contest: 2010