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How does starting a departmental conversation on ergonomics turn into a $50 prize? In Jack Krous’s case, his division business manager gave the LBNL IT professional a Hero Card because of his proactive problem solving approach related to ergonomics. The benefit to the department was having a conversation on a wider scale to raise awareness about preventing and alleviating repetitive stress injuries. The benefit to Jack - who promptly registered the Hero Card - was that it made him eligible to win the raffle. Jack was one of two winners in the second quarter drawing. More >


This quarter’s lucky safety heroes – Advanced Light Source Designer Adrian Spucces and Environmental Specialist John Jeliniski – were awarded $50 each for having been selected at random from among the Hero Card recipients who registered their card in the past three quarters.  More >
When Building Manager Adam Bradford noticed a distracted worker coming too close to the edge one day he identified this safety issue to Facilities and Environment/Safety/and Health (EHS) staff. Working with EHS’s Matthew Rice, the safety gear that was eventually installed balances the needs for dock work while bringing attention to the safety hazard for pedestrians. Adam’s initiative in identifying the hazard and seeing the resolution through to a successful end has earned him an EHS Safety Recognition Award. More>
Ph.D candidate Cheng Hao Wu is one of two lucky winners in the most recent Hero Card raffle. His proactive approach to clearing a work bench was noticed by a colleague, who handed him a Hero Card for doing the right thing. In addition to a Hero Card “Thank You”, Chenghao received $50 for winning the raffle. More>


For ATAP Division Director Wim Leemans, listening to firsthand accounts of accidents and near-misses “is more powerful than any lessons learned that you get in an e-mail.”

For example, he says, two of his Lab workers shared experiences from previous jobs in industry, where, Leemans says, “laser safety standards were lower than what we have.” Both employees had suffered eye injuries from lasers. Among their details shared with Berkeley Lab coworkers:  When you are struck in the eye with a laser, your vision turns red due to popped blood vessels.

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