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  • What are the Location and Hours?  Do I need a Library Card

The Reading Lounge is located below the cafeteria and is periodically staffed for reference assistance. Selected current publications and books are available in the lounge.  Books can be checked out by filling out a card from the back of the book and leaving it with either the librarian or in the plastic box by the door. The books are also located in the Library, 50-4030. This room is available 24/7 by using your LBNL ID badge to gain entrance, if the door is not already open. 

At the UCB campus libraries, your lab badge acts as your Library Card, so make sure you have it with you when on campus.  

  • How do I find Journals, Books and/or E-Books at LBNL?

To find LBNL journals or books, go to either the Journals or the Books page. 

  • What databases can I access through the LBNL Library?

The LBNL Library has access to many Science Databases and Other Electronic References

  • How do I find a LBNL report?

Check the Report System Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more about LBNL reports.

  • I am not an LBNL employee.  Can I access LBNL journals, books and reports?

Only current LBNL employees can access LBNL journals.  LBNL books can be accessed directly by current LBNL employees.  UCB faculty, students and staff can request and check out LBNL books.  For most items, you will need to go through your local University or Public Library to request materials.  If you are looking for LBNL Reports, contact either the Report System Frequently Asked Questions  page or the Library at [email protected].

  • Can I still get a personal desk copy of a book or a personal journal/newspaper subscription through the LBNL Library?

The Library no longer provides this service.  To request books, journals or newspapers for personal use, please contact your Division’s Business Manager.

  • Can I use the UC-Berkeley campus libraries?

Yes, employees may use their LBNL badge at UC Berkeley Campus libraries provided that they have an email address on file in the LBNL Directory.  (No off campus electronic access is available.)

  • Can LBNL Retirees still use the libraries?

  • Retirees who are still active affiliates receive all regular affiliate benefits, including borrowing privileges, Interlibrary Loan, and remote access.

  • Ex-staff who are not official “retirees” or affiliates are not eligible for any services.

  • Retirees who are not affiliates receive library services as outlined below:


LBNL retirees have the following privileges:

  • Check out up to 20 items at a time (UCB, LBNL or combination)

  • Access to UCB electronic resources only when on the UCB campus (no remote access) 

LBNL retirees will not have access to:

  • Any Interlibrary Loan  at UCB nor LBNL.

  • Any LBNL access-only electronic resources.  (This applies on-site as well: no LDAP, no access.)  

Before checking out anything from UCB/LBNL Libraries, LBNL retirees must get a retirement card at the UC Berkeley Retirement Center (; 510.642.5461; 100 University Hall).   A California State ID (driver license or ID card) or proof of current residency is needed in order to obtain this blue library card.  They will need to present their UC Retirement Center card at the Privileges Desk, Doe Library, floor 1 to obtain a borrowing card for the UCB Libraries.  

LBNL retirees privileges are NOT the same as for UCB retirees.  They are able to check out up to 20 items at a time but can not use UCB ILL or Baker services.

The cards DO NOT provide remote online access.  All UCB electronic access can occur on the UCB campus, only. LBNL-only electronic resources can not be accessed.  

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