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How do I find, check out, and request print and ebooks?

(tick)  Search OskiCat to locate items held by the LBNL and UCB libraries. This will bring up both print and electronic books.  (To get print books, change the limit from "Entire Collection" to "Books".  To get just ebooks, change the limit from "Entire Collection" to "Available Online".)  Most of LBNL's books are in Compact Shelving, Bldg. 50-4030. A smaller collection of new books is in the Reading Lounge, Bldg. 54-002 (the room downstairs in the cafeteria).  To check out LBNL's books, fill out the card in the back of the book and drop the card in a designated box, or see a librarian. You can visit any of UCB's libraries in person and check out materials using your LBNL badge.  Or you can have materials from UCB libraries delivered to LBNL by requesting them.  See additional information below.  (The Stanford button is for searching Stanford's collection only, not for requesting.)

(tick)  The LBNL Library is working in cooperation with the University of California-Berkeley Library system.  As such, we are following many of their procedures and rules. Take a moment to find information about BorrowingLoan Periods, Renewals and My Oskicat, and Overdue, Lost or Damaged Materials.  The loan period for most LBNL materials is 30 days.  

(tick)  Search Melvyl to locate items held by libraries around the world. Use the orange button labeled "Request" to request an item from any library anywhere.  

(question)  Ask an LBNL Reference Librarian by sending your request to

How do I request an item from a UCB library or other library?

See Interlibrary Loan/UCB Requests