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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Library

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Location: (Moving)


Contact: [email protected]


Reading Lounge

Location:  54-002

Hours:  7:30-2:30

Contact: [email protected]

Library Office

Location:  50-4032

Hours:  Currently Closed

Contact: [email protected]



Senior Librarian

Michael Golden [email protected]


Interlibrary Loan Requests, Information Searching/Retrieval, Circulation

For the LBNL Library, no library card needed.  We only require your LBNL ID number for the checkout of books and other materials. Please fill out a card from the back of each book and leave the card(s) in the box by the door in either Compact Shelving (50-4030) or the Reading Lounge (54-002).

To check out items from UCB Libraries, you are required to have two things:

1) your LBNL ID badge

Your LBNL ID badge is required for you to be able to check out materials from the UCB Libraries. Just knowing your ID number is not enough as UCB staff are not allowed to type in your data, it must be scanned. If your badge can't be scanned due to a defect in the badge itself, you will need to get a new LBNL ID badge before you try to check out items again.

To be sure you avoid this problem, have your badge barcode tested by the Library (50-4032) (7-3 M-F).

2) a registered email address.  

UCB Libraries only communicate with patrons via email, so an email address is required.  Not everyone at LBNL has a LBNL email account.  (These are automatically loaded into your UCB account by LBNL and are uploaded into the UCB system once a week.)  Not having an email address on file means that you can not checkout items from the UCB Libraries until one is entered.  

You have two options in order to get a active email address added to your account, thus unblocking your account.  The quickest would be to either go to the Doe Library Privileges Desk or call 510-642-3403 (preferable) to provide an active email address.  Your account will become active and you will be able to check out books.

Your other option would be to get a LBNL email account. To set up a LBNL email account go to the IT FAQ and follow the instructions.

Once you have a LBNL email address, you can contact the Privileges Desk or you can contact the LBNL library, 510.486.5621 or at [email protected]..We will contact the UCB Privileges Desk by the next business day to get the email address added to your UCB account.  

Keep in mind that it generally takes up to 24 hours to set up a LBNL email address.  The UCB Privileges Desk is open 9am-4:45 pm M-F so we can only get an email address added during those times.   

Circulation Policy:

As we have combined with the University of California - Berkeley Libraries, we have also adopted their circulation policies.  This will change the LBNL Library checkout time from 60 days to 30 days.  While this is a shorter time period, you will be able to renew your books online 11 times before you will be required to return the books to the lending library.  

Loan periods and due dates vary among the UCB campus libraries. It is the borrowers responsibility to note the due dates for materials and to return or renew them by those dates. The "My OskiCat" link in OskiCat can provide a list of items you currently have checked out of the UC Berkeley Libraries. It is also the starting point for renewing materials. Please familiarize yourself with the circulation policies of each library from which you borrow.

Renewing Checkout of Books:

The LBNL Library is now using the UC-Berkeley catalog system, OskiCat.  Due to this change, you are now able to renew your books online rather than having to bring them back to the LBNL Library to renew.  

The URL for OskiCat is  

  • To logon, go to the upper right hand corner of the page and select My OskiCat.  This should take you to a Login to MyOskiCat page.
  • Select the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Login link at the bottom of the right hand column.
  • Login using your LBNL LDAP username and password.
  • You should see a list of what you have checked out.  To proceed just select the box next to the item(s) you want to renew.
  • Select the Renew All or Renew Selected buttons to renew.  

For items with a month checkout, you can renew up to 11 times, for a total of one year, before you need to return the item to the LBNL Library, which you can check out again if no one else has requested it.

To return your books, please bring them to the LBNL Library in 50-4030; 54-002, or any campus library.

For more information, go to UCB Library Services.

Returning Library Books

Return library books: LBNL, UCB or ILL,  to the drop box in 50-4030 or at the desk in the Reading Lounge, 54-002, or you can return them to a campus library if that is more convenient.   We will make sure that they get to the correct destination as quickly as staffing allows.

Return Receipts may be requested from any location for returned material, during business hours. Materials damaged or incomplete should be brought immediately to the owning library circulation desk to discuss repair or replacement options that may be available. The Libraries do not keep a record of receipts issued.

Billing, Blocks and Payments

As we are now working with UCB in providing you library services, we are now also abiding by their billing policies. 

Go to: Billing, Blocks and Payments to see the current information about billing, account blocking and payments. You can now pay online using your OskiCat account, but the system has periodic problems accepting payment(s). If you run into this, you will need to the Doe Library Privileges Desk, located at either entrance to the library, to pay in person or mail a check made out to UC Regents to:

Privileges Desk
198 Gardner Stacks
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us via email, [email protected] or by phone: 510.486.5621, or by submitting a Help Request.

LBNL Retiree Privileges:

  • Retirees who are still active affiliates receive all regular affiliate benefits, including borrowing privileges, Interlibrary Loan, and remote access.

  • Ex-staff who are not official “retirees” or affiliates are not eligible for any services.

Retirees who are not affiliates receive library services as outlined below:

  • Check out up to 20 items at a time (UCB, LBNL or combination)

  • Access to UCB electronic resources only when on the UCB campus (no remote access) 

But will not have access to:

  • Any Interlibrary Loan  at UCB nor LBNL.

  • Any LBNL access-only electronic resources.  (This applies on-site as well: no LDAP, no access.) 

Before checking out anything from UCB/LBNL Libraries, LBNL retirees must get a retirement card at the UC Berkeley Retirement Center (; 510.642.5461; 100 University Hall).   A California State ID (driver license or ID card) or proof of current residency is needed in order to obtain this blue library card.  They will need to present their UC Retirement Center card at the Privileges Desk, Doe Library, floor 1 to obtain a borrowing card for the UCB Libraries.  

LBNL retirees privileges are NOT the same as for UCB retirees.  They are able to check out up to 20 items at a time but can not use UCB ILL or Baker services.

The cards DO NOT provide remote online access.  All UCB electronic access can occur on the UCB campus, only. LBNL-only electronic resources can not be accessed.  

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us via email, [email protected] or by phone: 510.486.5621, or by submitting a Help Request.