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Walk-in Work Policy

Contact: Rick Kraft 510 486-6090

The Shops attempt to support all fabrication customers, whether they have large, well planned and funded projects, or small projects, with minimal documentation and smaller budgets. The Shops also remain available to produce fabrications on an emergency basis in the event that a project experiences dire urgency.

However, due to our attempts to deliver projects on time and within budget, walk-in work aside from emergencies is prioritized secondary to scheduled work. Cost and delivery estimates, tracking and scheduling will not necessarily be provided for walk-in work and delivery is subject to change.

Walk-in work guidelines:

  • Projects should include no more than eight hours effort and those projects anticipated to require more than eight hours must be directed to Planning & Estimating
  • Projects should include work in no more than two shops (i.e. Machine Shop & Weld Shop) and projects requiring efforts in more than two shops must be directed to Planning & Estimating
  • Requesters should expect estimates to be informal and actual labor and materials to be charged
  • Requesters should anticipate the possibility that the project may be delayed by scheduled work
  • The staff in the Main office will ask you to follow up with a Web Job Order

While most shop functions accept walk-in work, for machining walk-in work please contact the Quick-Turn facility.

Note: While estimates for walk-in work may be given, actual time will be charged.

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