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When the subcontractor notifies the Project Manager that the project is complete and ready for inspection, the Project Manager schedules a punchlist walkthrough. For larger projects the first punchlist walkthrough may occur when the project is substantially complete and ready for a preliminary inspection. Depending on the complexity of the project, the punchlist walkthrough may be attended by the A/E of record, subcontractor, inspector, Fire Marshal, EHS Team Lead, Facilities Operations Team Lead, Project Manager, internal CxA, and Construction Manager, if assigned. The punchlist walkthrough should also include Facilities Operations personnel such as Plant Maintenance Technicians and appropriate subject matter experts relative to the equipment installed. The Project Manager compiles comments from each of the walkthrough participants into the standard LBNL Punchlist Log maintained on the DCM file server. The Project Coordinator may support the Project Manager in compiling comments. The Project Manager will transmit the Punchlist Log to the subcontractor, with a date for completion of the punchlist items. The punchlist is a document that includes the outstanding commissioning issues, and is part of the submittals for the Turnover to Operations. The Project Manager, or Construction Manager if assigned, is responsible for verifying completion of the punchlist items, noting on the log when each item was accepted. The Project Manager may accept partial completion or non-completion of non-code-related items based on his/her judgment.