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IT AV Services has built a standard with Zoom Rooms in all public conference rooms around the Lab. A conference room is considered "public" when anyone from can reserve it in Google Calendar.

The goal is for users to encounter a similar experience at different buildings around the Lab. For a full list of Zoom Rooms, visit the left navigation tree here.

Getting Started

Practice Session

  • Schedule a practice session at least one week before your event date
  • Invite co-hosts and presenters only
  • Create a run of show document to communicate timing & expectations
  • Manage presentation content and set submission deadlines

The Day of Event Testing

  • Arrive at the Zoom Room and start the scheduled meeting on your laptop 
  • DO NOT connect to the laptop audio in a Zoom Room 
  • Click the START button in the meeting list on the iPad or Neat Pad
  • Share screen wirelessly using the Zoom desktop client (no wires or adapters needed)

Avoid Audio Echo

  • To avoid echo, every laptop in a Zoom Room must disconnect computer audio

  • Click the up arrow next to Mute/Unmute > Leave Computer Audio
  • The audio for the meeting comes from the room system

Join from the Zoom Room

  • Press start on the iPad or Neat Pad controller (under the meeting list) to join from the Zoom Room 

In-Meeting Controls

Still Need Help?

If you need immediate assistance, click the blue icon in the lower right corner of this page to start a chat with IT Help Desk.

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