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We provide high speed wired network connections to the Laboratory.

Most systems can just plug-in to a working jack and receive a Dynamic (DHCP) address.

(from wikipedia)
The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a set of rules used by communications devices such as a computer, router or network adapter to allow the device to request and obtain an IP address from a server which has a list of addresses available for assignment.

DHCP is a protocol used by networked computers (clients) to obtain IP addresses and other parameters such as the default gateway, subnet mask, and IP addresses of DNS servers from a DHCP server. The DHCP server ensures that all IP addresses are unique, e.g., no IP address is assigned to a second client while the first client's assignment is valid (its lease has not expired). Thus IP address pool management is done by the server and not by a human network administrator.

Cyber Security Advisory:

For the vast majority of systems we recommend you use DHCP. DHCP gives your system more network flexibility than a static IP. You can reliably refer to your DHCP host by using [hostname] The only reason you need to get a static IP address is if you intend to offer services beyond those listed below to the Internet.

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By utilizing a fixed IP address, your system will be fully exposed to network traffic at the LBL Border. By requesting this address, you indicate that you understand the additional risks presented and that you will (as always) take appropriate precautions to secure your system.

Getting Started

  • To set up a wired connection for your computer, first determine if there is an active connection in your room. Simply plug your computer into a wall jack (you will probably have to “release and renew” your IP address. If results are unsatisfactory, contact us at
  • If an existing jack is inactive, or if there is no available jack, submit a request via email to for activation or for a new jack. For current charges, see the Rates List.
  • To configure your computer, please see our FAQ.
  • Subnets at LBNL


Wired network connections are part of the Berkeley Lab Technology Resource Kit and are provided at no recharge. Labor to enable and repair network drops and build out new network connections is charged at a nominal rate.

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