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Purpose of Knowlege Article:

Guide on how to start using LastPass provided by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.


Follow these steps to get up and running quickly with LastPass:

  1. Users should go to the Software Download Page ( and request a software license, it is free
  2. An email invitation from LastPass will be sent to your Berkeley Lab Identity account, accept the email invitation
  3. Change your Master Password to a passphrase you will remember

    Warning: LastPass admins do not have permission to recover your account nor the ability to. Do not forget your master password.

  4. Enter a Master Password Reminder
  5. Log out of your LastPass account and install the LastPass browser add-on/extension and NOT the software for the operating system. Here is a FAQ on how to Set up LastPass in Browsers. This method ensures you can recover your master password with a one-time password if needed. 

    It is strongly advised to install LastPass add-on/extensions on at least two browsers to provide you with another option should you have to clear one of the browser's caches, thus eliminating the ability to recover your master password with a one-time password recovery option.

  6. Set up an SMS Account Recovery Phone number
  7. Set up Multifactor Authentication with Google Authenticator
    • You must have Google Authenticator installed on your phone
  8. Be sure to see LastPass Best Practices

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