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Purpose of Knowledge Article:

  • Guide to download and setup Google Drive for Windows and Mac computers.


  • The instructions apply to both Windows and Mac computers.

Download and install Google Drive:

1Go to

2Click on the blue button, Download Drive for desktop
3Launch the downloaded file once it completes downloading



4Follow the on-screen instruction to install Google Driveno image

Signing in to Google Drive:


If you just installed Google Drive, simply use the popup window to sign in to Google Drive.


If the popup window did not show up after the installation or you need to sign in to Google Drive again, continue to step 2

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Windows: bottom right on the taskbar, click on the Google Drive icon (you may need to click on the Show Hidden Icons icon to see it)

Mac: top right on the menubar, click on the Google Drive icon



3Click the blue Sign In button
4A browser will launch the Google Drive sign-in page. Either Sign in with your LBNL email account or select your LBNL account if listed

5On the Berkeley Lab Login page, log in with your Berkeley Lab Identity account

6You're doneno image