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Purpose of Knowledge Article:

A guide on what LBNL IT recommends for password management.

Generating, remembering, and maintaining unique passwords is challenging and nearly impossible. As the number of mandatory passwords, password length, and password complexity increases, it becomes harder to remember them without relying on risky alternatives such as writing passwords down or reusing passwords for more than one application.

The use of a password manager can greatly improve upon this problem and IT User Support strongly recommends the use of a password manager, such as 1Password and LastPass.


LBNL IT recommends using password manager software over the browser's built-in password manager.

LBNL IT offers 1Password and LastPass. You can request a license at at no cost.

Benefits Of Using A Dedicated Password Manager:

  • Better security
    • Data Encryption
    • Storage Encryption
    • MFA/2FA authentication
  • Cross-platform capability
    • Different browsers
    • Different operating systems
    • Different devices
  • More features