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Policies and Procedures

Business Applications

IT Business Applications does not have a regularly scheduled maintenance window. Planned maintenance work will be scheduled from time to time to perform routine maintenance and system upgrades. A minimum of two days notice will be given for all scheduled maintenance. A notification will be sent to iss-app-notify announcing the outage along with a reminder on the day of the outage. A follow-up notification will also be sent to iss-app-notify once the outage is completed. Outages will not be scheduled on payroll processing or financial close days.

This policy does not apply to emergency situations, security-mandated maintenance, or outages related to non-IT infrastructure.

Network maintenance

Maintenance is performed based on need and is not periodic.

Systems administrators and LBNL staff are notified of planned outages via the email list [email protected]

For outages affecting major Lab services, LBLnet will provide at least one week's notice; for outages affecting individual buildings or subnets at least 24 hours notice will be provided. Emergency maintenance is performed as needed, and the maximum notification time is based on urgency. Obviously, some failures preclude the LBLnet Services Group from providing preliminary notification.