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  • Use this article if you are prompted for your BitLocker key
  • For Windows OS devices 10 and up
  • This article assumes BitLocker has been enabled already
  • See additional resources below for more information about Full Disk Encryption



Navigate to on a web browser


Click Sign In and enter your LBL Email address; login to your LDAP account at the Berkeley Labs Sign in screen if prompted.


In the top right corner, select the circle with your initials and select 'View Account'


Select “Devices” from the list on the left hand side of the window, or use the tile in the center of the window for 'Devices'


Select the box with your Windows Computer’s name on it to expand the details, and click “View BitLocker Keys”


Enter the 48-digit numerical key into the BitLocker Recovery Screen


  • An attempt to change the secure boot option was made
  • An action was detected as a potentially malicious attempt to access the device
  • An attempt to access recovery mode was made

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