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Purpose of Knowledge Article:

  • Instruction on how to change your Preferred Name.
  • To change your Preferred name, you will need to change it through UCPath. Once you made the change, give the system 24-48 hrs for it to be updated and reflected in the system.
  • Submitting a ticket to IT will not expedite this process because IT has no role in setting the name.


1Login to your UCPath


Once logged in click on this link here or navigate yourself using the menu of the left column by selecting:

Employee Actions >>> Personal Information >>> Personal Information

3Expand the Legal/Preferred Name section and click on Preferred


Fill in the information and click Save

If you have a middle name that you want to include, type it in the Preferred First Name field after your preferred first name. Do not type it in the Preferred Middle Name field. The reason is Google has no concept of what a middle name is.

Keep in mind that it will be displayed in all the systems. Again, the reason is that Google has no concept of what a middle name is and there is nothing IT can do about it.

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