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Types of accounts

The IT division provides several  types of Accounts:

  • Enterprise Directory Accounts (for all staff and affiliates). Automatically created as part of the HR on-boarding process.
  • Windows Active Directory (which can also be used by Mac users) to access workstations and shared files on the network. Automatically created for staff (and one type of affiliate) - contractors, others upon request.
  • Google Apps Accounts which provide access to Google mail, calendar, sites, and drive/docs.  Automatically created for staff (and one type of affiliate) - contractors, others upon request.
  • SCS cluster Account.  Created upon request
  • Unix server account. Created upon request.

Account request information is here

We do not create role accounts in the Enterprise Directory for users at the Lab. Shared accounts with a common password, such as a role account, do not provide an acceptable level of accountability. We recommend Google Groups as an alternative to role accounts.

Account termination 

Accounts are terminated when you leave the Lab.  IT can provide  limited access after you leave for two reasons: change of status (e.g. you are a staff member converting to affiliate), or because you need an extra week to clean up your files.  This requires supervisor approval (or HR confirmation if due to a status change)

If you are going to be on extended vacation or medical leave, your accounts are not disabled.  

Additional Termination information is here.

Access to someone else's account

Access to accounts can not be provided without appropriate approval.  

Additional information on Access to an account is here.

A note about passwords

Enterprise Directory passwords expire every 6 months.  There is no grace period. If you go beyond the expiration date, you will have to ask for a reset from the IT Help Desk

Active Directory passwords also expire every 6 months, but there is a grace period. On a Windows machine, you will be given the opportunity to change it. If you access network resources from a different platform, you will not know when the password expires and will not have a method to take advantage of the grace period.  Call the IT help desk if required.