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What should I do if I know I am leaving the Lab and want to provide access with consent?

Email the Help Desk at [email protected] and identify who should have access to your email or your electronic files.  Do this before you leave and access can be provided to one or more individuals.  You might also just want to name someone, like your supervisor, as someone who can access or provide authorization on your behalf.

An even better option is to take the time to transfer important electronic data to the people who will need it when you leave.  

More information is available at

What happens when an employee is on leave?

Leave status does not disable institutional accounts. Managers may request removal of specific privileges or account suspension, depending on the situation. For example, the manager of someone with substantial privileges for financial transactions might request suspension of the role if the employee goes on extended leave. To initiate this request, contact the functional owner of the application.

In all cases, the employee's manager may request to deactivate accounts while the person is on leave. To deactivate an account, contact:

  1. Help Desk (to deactivate institutional accounts) at [email protected]
  2. Local system administrator (to deactivate local accounts)
  3. Functional owners (to suspend particular application roles)

How do I access the account of a terminated employee or someone on extended leave?

Review the access without consent FAQ which is  in compliance with our Privacy, Monitoring, and Access without Consent policy.  

Note: a supervisor can authorized the setting of a vacation message in Gmail or access to data used and/or created by the terminated employee if the access is for operational needs. 

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