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1Password Installation

How to install 1Password?

See Setup 1Password

Should I download the browser extension or the desktop app?

You should use both. The browser extension and the desktop app both have advantages:

  • The desktop app has an easy-to-use option to add other devices
  • The desktop app provides easy access to your saved passwords for auto-filling credentials on applications like Cisco VPN
  • The desktop app can import your passwords from LastPass without having to download your passwords
  • The browser extension provides autofill options for websites

Things to Know

Is 1Password replacing LastPass?

Both 1Password and LastPass will be available.

What is a Travel mode?

See Setup Travel Mode for 1Password.

Is 1Password recommended over LastPass?

It is up to your preference, both use the same level of security to protect your data.

Can I use both LastPass and 1Password?

Do not use both, only use one.

I lost my device that has my 1Password app/data on it, what do I do?

Your 1Password data is safe and encrypted even if you lose your device. Here is what is recommended:

Can I import data from LastPass to 1Password?

Yes, see Importing LastPass data to 1Password.

What happens to the shared vault permission when I import the data from LastPass to 1Password?

Shared vault permissions will transferred over if:

  • Users on the shared vault have an account on 1Password
  • Users have the same email on LastPass and 1Password

Shared vault permissions will not transferred over if the above requirements are not met and you will have to add the users to the shared vault manually.

Can I use the 1Password free family account and get help with it?

You are welcome to use it, but the Lab does not provide support for it. To learn more about the 1Password family account, see the About 1Password Families page.

How to redeem and set up the 1Password free family account?

See Redeeming and setting up your free 1Password Families account video.

Emergency Kit

What is the Emergency Kit?

The Emergency Kit contains your username, secret key, and a space for you to write a password. It should be kept in a safe place that only you can access. For example, a place where you keep your important documents, a locked safe, etc.

Why is the Emergency Kit important?

It is important for the following reasons:

  • In case you forget your password
  • In case your browser forgets your secret key
  • In case you forget where to log in
  • In case you need to sign in to 1Password on a new instance

What is the Secret Key in the Emergency Kit for?

The Secret Key in the Emergency Kit consists of 34 characters that are uniquely generated and encrypt your data and it is not recoverable. Do not share it with anyone and do not lose it. To learn more about it, see About your Secret Key.

Can I look up my Secret key if I still have access to 1Password?

You can look up your Secret key on a web browser, desktop app, or phone app as long you have successfully signed in to them before. Note the the Secret Key cannot be accessed through the 1Password browser extension.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)/Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Is there Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Yes, 1Password uses a type of MFA called Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and it is required for all LBNL 1Password accounts.

Can I use more than one authenticator app for 2FA?

No, 1Password only allows one authenticator app to be used at a time.

What do I do if I want more than one 2FA method?

You can have one authenticator app while having one, or more, authentication Security Keys. Please note that here Security Key means physical devices like Yubikeys. So, authentication Security Keys are not the same as the Security Key referenced in the 1Password Emergency Kit.

How do I set up 2FA for my 1Password account?

See Turn on two-factor authentication for your 1Password account.