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Ordering Service

General Information :

The Telephone Service Center handles all requests for cellular service and equipment. The cost of equipment
may vary, depending on the type being requested.  For iPad requests please visit the Operations Desktop Support page here.

All cellular requests must have division level authorization (Division Director, Deputy Division Director,
or Division Director's Designate).  In addition, as Laboratory policy states, all new cellular users
must read and sign the cellular phone procedures.

If you have questions regarding service or equipment type, please contact the Telephone Service Center at x7997 or send e-mail to [email protected].

To Order Cellular Service:

You may submit your request by sending e-mail to [email protected], or by sending a memo to the Telephone Service Center , mailstop 50E0101.

Please provide the following information:

  • User's Name
  • Type of equipment
  • Purchase project ID
  • Monthly project ID
  • Proper approval signature (division level authorization is required)

Calling Plans:

All cellular users are included in either an AT&T or Verizon Wireless pooled minute plan.  Individuals are recharged the percentage of minutes they used in the pooled minute plan.  Night/weekend and mobile-to-mobile minutes are unlimited.  Cellular requests require the approval of your Division Director, Deputy Division Director, or Division Director's Designate, and is based on business need.  In addition, all cellular users must read and sign the cellular phone procedures which states the allowed use of a Laboratory cellular phone.

Cellular Help and Trouble Reporting:

For assistance with features, or to report problems with coverage or with the quality of your cellular service, please send email to the Telephone Service Center or call extension 7997. 

  • setting up & using voicemail
  • setting up ringing options
  • dropped calls

Note: Outside of Lab operating hours you may call 611 from your cell phone for immediate assistance.

Lost or Stolen Cellular Phone

Report cellular phones lost or stolen on-site to Protective Services at extension 5472. Report the theft of cellular phones stolen off site to the nearest police department. Request a copy of the police report. Notify the Telephone Service Center at extension 7997. Copies of the police report should be forwarded to the Cellular vendor as well as the Telephone Service Center. The Telephone Service Center cellular representative will notify the cellular vendor and request deactivation of the service, so that further usage is discontinued. New purchase charges are applicable for replacing lost or stolen cellular phones.

For questions or requests for additional information, e-mail the Telephone Service Center or call extension 7997.

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