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Cellular Procedures


It is the policy of the Laboratory that cellular phones are available for employees to use in carrying out official Laboratory business.  Depending on the employee’s responsibilities, business need, and when authorized by a Division Director, Deputy Division Director or Division Director's Designate, staff may be issued cellular phones.  In those cases, the employee must complete the authorization form for cellular phones.

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Incidental Personal Phone Calls

The Laboratory recognizes that occasionally there may be times when LBNL cell phones may be used for personal calls. Such calls must be held to a minimum and must not interfere with the employee's work. Employees are encouraged to conduct such calls during their breaks or at lunchtime if during business hours. Modest personal use of your cellular phone (and all use of free mobile-to-mobile calling and free nights and weekends) is permissible.  Personal additional charges (such as non-work related international calls) and extensive personal use must be self-reported to Telephone Services.

Personal use may never involve illegal activities, violate Berkeley  Lab policy or involve any activity that could potentially embarrass Berkeley  Lab, DOE, or UC, or result in a loss of public trust. 

Allowed Non-Business Telephone Calls

In addition to official business calls, the Laboratory considers the following as examples of non-business telephone calls that are allowed and paid for by the Laboratory:

  • Calls to notify the family of changes in work schedules or for emergencies.
  • Calls to locations in the local commuting area to speak to spouse/ children/ family members/ companion regarding their safety or well-being.
  • Brief calls within the local commuting area that can be made only during normal business hours such as to a physician, local government agency or repairs for an automobile.
  • Calls allowed by LBNL Travel Guidelines while on LBNL approved travel.

Monthly Review of Cellular Invoices

Laboratory cell phones are issued for business use.  If a Laboratory cell phone is used for personal use other than for calls identified as allowable non-business calls, it is the employee's responsibility to review the cell phone invoices and identify those calls on a monthly basis. 

Reimbursements to LBNL for Personal Use of an LBNL Cell Phone

Users are expected to review their bills and self-report “extensive personal use” to Telephone Services for further review.   If applicable, reimbursements checks are to be made payable to UC Regents. 

Mobile Purchases and Downloads

Mobile purchases and downloads are blocked from your cellular service, with the exception of mobile apps purchased by the individual using their own Apple ID account in iTunes.  If you have a business need, contact Telephone Services to open up download ability.

Cell Phone Use While on Travel

Personal calls made while on LBNL-approved travel shall be in accordance with the LBNL Travel Guidelines.  This includes the use of Laboratory cell phones, which may be used to make limited personal calls.

For more information, contact Telephone Services at ext. 7997 or

I have read, understand, and will adhere to the above cellular procedures.

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