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The LBNL human subjects protection program currently requires ethical training for all researchers in this field. For principal investigators, co-PIs, and for protocol coordinators LBNL requires the CITI ethics training course (details below) in the appropriate research focus. This must be renewed with a refresher course every three years. For staff members on human subjects protection protocols, we currently require the in-house EHS 740 course, which need only be retaken when there is a change in the course. HSC members should take a CITI course.

1) CITI: The  CITI program offers internationally recognized courses in the ethical use of human research subjects, with multiple courses covering a variety of areas. Researchers at LBNL should choose either the Bio-medical track (B-M), or the Social-behavioral-educational (SBE) track depending on their research focus. Both tracks offer multiple modules which can be taken all at one (a one to two hour commitment) or taken one at a time. CITI will allow you to pause in the middle of a module and come back to it. To enter CITI , register with your email and a password. For institution you should select "Other DOE". It is important not to select Lawrence Berkeley Lab if you see that on the list, as this connection is moribund. Select the course you want and begin. When you have completed the course, please send your completion certificate or a screen shot or the email you receive indicating course completion to the HARC office ( so that it can be uploaded into your HARP training profile. You will need to refresh this CITI training three years later by taking the short refresher course. This is required because the ethical use of human research subjects is an evolving field, especially in the area of data protection. Note: Those researchers involved in the Million Veterans Project should choose the biomedical track.

2) EHS 740: The short LBNL computer based training program on the protection of human subjects can be found at the Lab's training siteSelect the EHS 740 course. The 20 question tutorial takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please direct any comments or questions about the tutorial to Dianna Bolt, Note that the EHS 740 course was updated on July 31, 2019 and all investigators and responsible protocol staff at LBNL who are involved in research with human subjects who took this course earlier must retake it. If a grant agency or some other entity requires certification from you for human subjects protection training, after you have completed EH&S 740, go to the training website at LBNL for instructions on how to print out your training profile.

3) Human Subjects Committee members:  LBNL members of the Human Subjects Committee (our IRB) should take the CITI course for IRB members and administrative staff.  Register under "Other DOE."  Please remember to save the completion email you receive from CITI and forward it to the HARC staff, who can then load it into your HARP profile as proof of your ethics training.