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    WELCOME to the Facilities Division (FA) Document Management Webpage. This site contains all approved FA documents internal to the operations of the FA. Documents include policies, procedures (standard operating procedures/guidelines), program manuals, plans, reports, master specifications, templates, forms, etc. Click here for Document Types and Levels.

    This webpage allows you to access and view documents, and provides guidance on creating new documents, revising existing documents, or archiving obsolete documents.

    Each document has an “Effective Date” and a “Next Review Date” to ensure validity and currency. Each document also has a unique document number that conforms to a document numbering convention that identifies the FA Functional Area, a specific topical area, document type, and three-digit identifier. For example, the procedure on Off-site or Overnight Use of a Government Vehicle has a document number: OP.FL.PRC.002, where OP stands for the Operations functional area, FL for Fleet Operations, PRC for a procedure, and 002 as the numeric identifier. Click here for further explanation of the document numbering convention.

    Ways to find a document:


    1. In Chrome, access your email or any other Google App 2. In upper right corner, click “waffle” symbol 3. Find and click the AODocs symbol (blue and red overlapping diamond shapes) 4. Find and click the Facilities Logo (building skyline in blue) Now you have just entered into the Facilities Document Library. WELCOME!


    5. Follow Steps 1-4 above 6. On the left-hand menu bar, toward the bottom, select “Pending Review or Reviewed” 7. Within the list that appears, select the document name you want to review You have just opened a typical page in AODocs that contains all the information for a particular document. 8. Under “Attachments”, find the name of the document and look to the right side; Click the first

    icon (symbol that looks like a computer with a pen) to “open the file” The document is in a Word file and you can track changes, edit, comment, as you would any other Word file. 9. Once you have reviewed the document, you can save and close it AODocs will keep a record of all changes. Your files will not be lost, even if you want to return to the original document, and not keep your last set of changes. 10. If you are a reviewer for a document, your options will be to Review or Reject a document. If

    you are an approver, you can either Approve or Refuse the document. AODocs will record your approval and send a message to the validators that the document has been reviewed or approved.


    11. Follow Steps 1-4 12. In left menu bar, click the blue “NEW” button, and select the type of document you are creating.

    Please note that the record will not be kept if you are not uploading a document. 13. Starting from the top, fill out “Document Title”. 14. To attach a document, click the paperclip icon and upload your file. 15. Fill out the “Properties” Section. 16. When you are done and ready to save, click the green “save” icon on the top right. 17. Rename your attached “Template”.doc(x) files to match your new Document’s title 18. Enter edit mode by clicking the pencil icon in the upper right “Edit” 19. Click the pencil icon next to the Template’s filename, edit the attached file’s name and click the

    checkbox icon. 20. Feel free to add or change any other metadata associated with your document before clicking

    the Save icon in the upper right 21. When you are done making edits to the attached file and document metadata, click the

    “Workflow” icon (symbol with two bent arrows that form a square) and then Request Review. Optionally, leave a comment before clicking Submit. You have now entered a new workflow, and AODocs will notify reviewers and approvers.

    For assistance, contact the FA Requirements Manager, the Assurance Manager, or the Business Center Manager.

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    Document Library in AODocs

    The Document Management System that contains the workflow of creating new, revising existing, or notifying Reviewers or Approvers to update documents is handled through the AODocs application in Google Drive. To Access instructions on how to create a new document, revise an existing document, or archive one, please click here.

    For assistance, contact the FA Requirements Manager, the Assurance Manager, or the Business Center Manager.