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New Construction Map  
Project: ALS Cooling Tower
Impact: Lane shift on Lawrence Rd between B48 and 15. Parking and pedestrian walkway closed, trucks encourages to use alternate route.
Dates: Current - November 2017
PM: Brian Taylor
Project: Integrative Genomics Building
Impact:- Reduction of parking in Lot B1
-Increased car stacking
Dates: Current — End of FY19
PM: Jack Heffernan

Project: Modular Utility Plant
Impact: None
Dates: Current — End of FY18
PM: Jack Heffernan
Project: CR Telecom Vault
Impact: Minimal, intermittent loss of parking around B59.
Dates: April – June 2017
PM: John Tully
Project: Old Town Ductbank Installation
Impact: Segre Road from B43 north will be closed for installation of utility ductbank
Dates: September 4 - September 30 2017
PM: Dave Dovichi
Project: Demolition of B40 & 41 Building Pads
Impact: Roadway and parking south of B4 and B14 will be closed for potholing and demolition work
Dates: August 14 - September 30 2017
PM: Dave Dovichi
Project: B37 Cooling Tower Replacement, Generator Replacement, Heat Exchanger Replacement
Impact: Intermittent traffic/parking reduction at Lawrence/Segre Roads
Dates: Current – December 2017
PM: Brian Taylor
Project: Roof Leak B-58
Impact: Water leaks could interrupt maintenance activities.
Dates: Current – September 30 2017
PM: Dave Cota
Project: B77A HVAC Replacement
Impact: Intermittent parking reduction for lot R, temporary power outages for 77A. Work restrictions likely in B77A during equipment lifts.
Dates: July – September 2017
PM: John Tully
Project: B46A Retainin Wall Replacement
Impact: Parking reduction for L lot; intermittent, localized site lighting outages to east side of B46.
Dates: July – August 2017
PM: Connie Lin
Project: Old Town Demolition
Impact: Intermittent parking reduction in lots N1 & N3, and northern portion of Segre Road closed. Roadway from Segre to R Rd reduced to up-hill only.
Dates: Current – Winter 2017
PM: Ted Mankowski

Click here to see typically not fully occupied parking areas

Click here to see a map of planned electrical outages