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This page describes cyber security recommendations for traveling with Lab equipment. This advice focuses on laptops, but the recommendations apply broadly.

Note: You do not need to notify cyber security if you are traveling with Lab equipment.

General Recommendations

  • Do not leave equipment unattended, especially in a public location such as a coffee shop or in plain view in an unattended vehicle. The biggest risk in traveling to any country is the theft of your device for the value of its hardware.

  • Backup the laptop or device before you leave. In the event the device is stolen, broken, or lost by the airline you will be glad you have a backup.

  • Use the LBNL VPN.  Consider testing your VPN setup before traveling to ensure it works properly. Any time you travel there is a chance you will connect to a hostile network (including hotels, coffee shops, etc) and the Lab VPN protects you from a wide variety of mischief that can occur on hostile networks. 
  • Install antivirus software and all application and operating system updates. Consider having your local IT support person assist with this.

Travel to China

If you are traveling to China, you may want to install the Lab VPN client on the laptop. We have heard many stories of the China firewall preventing access to Google and thus the Lab email and calendar system.


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