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The training requirements set the minimum threshold for appropriate training - you and your line management are responsible for identifying additional training you need to do your work in a secure manner. IT Policy periodically reviews, as necessary, but at least annually compliance to required training.

Required Training

Cyber Security Operations and IT Policy reviews, as necessary, but at least annually, the content of required training courses. The JHA training system implements the applicability for each training and provides management reporting and individual tracking.





Waiver Policy

SEC 0201

Computer Security Annual Training (SEC 0201)

Computer using employees

Computer using affiliates

You may receive a waiver if you do not have an LDAP account and do not use LBNL networks or computers. You division safety coordinator may request the waiver by emailing [email protected]. For multiple requests, please group them together to minimize processing.

SEC 0203

Notice of External Monitoring SEC 0203

Employees and Affiliates


SEC 0220

Controlled Information Training (SEC 0220)

Employees in CFO, HR, IT,  EHS, and Operations Directorate; Administrative and Clerical Assistants, Administrators, and Business Managers

Travel administrators

None; the Privacy Coordinator may grant credit for in person training.

SEC 0221

This course was deprecated in December 2022. 

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