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Registrar Requirements


LBNL owned domain properly must use the LBNL IT Division registrar service. This includes domains that are not but where the Lab controls a signifiant stake in the project.  The goal of this requirement is to avoid LBNL domain properties from being owned by individually controlled registrar accounts. There are multiple reasons for this requirement.

  • Provides preservation of Lab domain ownership through time and turnover
  • Enable Lab Cyber Security the ability to take action if the domain is compromised 
  • Simplifies and streamlines the domain renewal process
  • Facilitates a complete view of Lab owned domain property 

Master DNS

The master DNS may be changed to a non IT division service.  However, in the event of a Cyber Security incident, the master DNS may be changed by IT staff to enable control of domain resolution. 


If the domain is under the control of another DOE, UC, or a collaborating institution as part of their respective institutional registrar service, it is excepted from this requirement.