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Conference Blocks

At a conference and can't access Lab resources? Read below.

We run a system that detects and block attacks on the LBNL network. Unfortunately, large groups of LBNL employees at conferences can look like an attack (many people accessing the Lab from an strange conference network configuration can appear hostile). When our system blocks the conference, conference attendees can't access resources such as email and calendar.

How to Avoid Conference Blocks

Step 1: Get the Conference IP address(es)

Obtain the public facing IP address or addresses of the conference network. You can usually obtain the IP information before the conference through technical staff at the conference location. Otherwise, if you're at the conference, browse to following web site:

This website shows the public IP address a client is using and has some basic instructions for unblocking.

Step 2: Submit a request to be "whitelisted"

Send a request to us by either email at [email protected] or by calling the IT Help Desk at (510) 486-4357. Include the following information in the request:

  • Your name
  • Conference name
  • Conference location (e.g. hotel or conference center)
  • IP address(es)
  • Start and end date of the conference


Comments and feedback of any sort is welcome. Please send email to [email protected].

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