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Access Approval

Access to institutional data centers is card-key controlled and access is logged. Visitors to data centers must be approved or escorted.

The IT Data Center team is responsible for approving access to institutional data centers. Authorized access requires:

  • A business need to access 50B-1275 or 50A-1156
  • Completion of the computer room training (good for three years)

To request access, email [email protected] and identify your business need for access and which centers you need access to and the duration. Once we receive the proof of satisfactory completion of the training, you will contact you with approval, as appropriate. Read more on this process at

Access Expiration

The expiration date on access depends on need:

  • Temporary access. When access is required for a project (e.g. construction), the expiration date is set per the project requirements.
  • Ongoing access. For staff outside of the “IT Datacenter” workgroup, the expiration date is set for 3 years per the training requirement.

Annual Review

The IT Data Center team reviews access lists annually:

  • If access is no longer needed, the team removes access.
  • If training is out of date, the user is given two weeks to complete the training.
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