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School on Astroparticle and Underground Science

Program and Schedule

Sept 4-8, 2013

Cosmology and Structure:Lecture I
Lecture II
Joel Primack, UCSC
Observational Cosmology:Lecture I
Lecture II
Alison Coil, UCSD
Dark Matter and New Particles:Lecture Ia
Lecture Ib
Lecture IIa
Lecture IIb 
Stefano Profumo, UCSC
Detecting Dark Matter:

Lecture I
Lecture II

Bernard Sadoulet, UC Berkeley
Neutrino Properties:Lecture IWick Haxton, UC Berkeley
Beta Beta Decay and Solar Nu Experiments:Lecture I
Lecture II
Gabriel Orebi Gann,
UC Berkeley
Supernova Neutrino Oscillations:Lecture Ia
Lecture Ib 
George Fuller, UC San Diego
Indirect Dark Matter Searches with
Gamma Rays and Cosmic Rays:

Lecture I
Lecture II

Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins, Caltech
High Energy Astrophysics:
Neutrino Observatories:
Lecture ISpencer Klein, LBL
Supernovae and Neutron Stars:

Lecture I
Lecture II
Lecture III

Christian Ott, Caltech
Gravitational Wave Detection:Lecture IJay Marx, LIGO/Caltech
Gravitational Wave Sources:Lecture IAlan Weinstein, LIGO/Caltech

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