New seminar titles featuring the latest technologies in Mathematica 8 are available to the technical computing community.

Here is what participants are saying:

"I am new to image processing and to Mathematica, and this seminar gave me a good sense of the potential capabilities of both."

"Great seminar, great overview of what data Mathematica can handle, and the audio quality was great! Thanks!"

"There was a complete review of the themes that I was looking for..."

Seminars vary from introductory overviews to advanced specialty topics and are presented by actual Mathematica developers and senior technical staff. Below are dates and times of our upcoming live online seminars.  These seminars are given in English and they are free!

S18: Import and Export Data Formats in Mathematica
May 3, 3pm PDT

S11: What's New in Mathematica 8
May 4, 7am PDT

S71: Advanced GPU Programming Using Mathematica and CUDA
May 4, 9am PDT

S17: Applied Parallel Computation with Mathematica
May 5, 7am PDT

S12: Topics in First Year Calculus
May 6, 10am PDT

S51: Image Processing Applications
May 12, 7am PDT

S24: Working with Imported Data in Mathematica
May 12, 3pm PDT

Attend as many seminars as you like. See the complete calendar here:

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