MacKeeper is a well-known utility suite for macOS, which is typically installed by users looking to improve the performance of their system. MacKeeper is known to use aggressive marketing techniques, and has a very poor track record in terms of security, and in its ability to perform as advertised. Further, MacKeeper has been known to destabilize a Mac, undermining its stated purpose.

MacKeeper is increasingly seen as malware because of its pervasive pop up ads and can even be considered spyware. Sophos reported Mackeeper as 2017's most prolific potentially unwanted program on the Mac. Most alarmingly, Mackeeper has a very poor record on security. For example:

With the help of BigFix, we have identified users with MacKeeper on their systems. We will be reaching out to those Lab employees to let them know that we wish to remove MacKeeper from their systems for security reasons. Communication will occur prior to any action.

If you have any questions. please feel free to contact IT at [email protected] or click on the link below.


This project was possible because IT identified affected systems with BigFix. To get BigFix for your computer, please visit

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