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Welcome to LBNL HEP Journal club for Graduate students (and other students working on HEP Physics). 
We meet weekly on Mondays at 15:00-16:00 at Berkeley Lab.
Check the table below for the room, but always somewhere in the Building 50 complex near blackberry gate (bus stop 65).

Each week one of our members will chair the discussion, which effectively mean they'll have a specific set of points they wish to go over.
However, everyone is expected to have read the paper and contribute to the discussion! No slides allowed, but supplementary material/plots is fine! (smile)

Schedule for speakers/papers:

28th Aug.Z'/CI - dilepton search (1)  
5th Sept.Z'/CI - dilepton search (2)""50B-2222


This meeting is moved to Tuesday b/c of Labour day.

Note room change!

11th Sept. Z'/CI - dilepton search (3)""50B-2222journalClubMinutes_Sep11th2017.txt 
18th Sept.Z'/CI - dilepton search (4)"Cesar50B-2222  
25th Sept.   50B-2222  
2nd Oct.   50B-2222  


Suggestions for papers are always welcome!

Pool of suggested papers: 


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