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November 30th 2018: Journal club is postponed till further notice

Welcome to LBNL ATLAS Journal club for Graduate students (and other students working with the ATLAS group). 
We meet weekly on Wednesdays at 15:00-16:00 at Berkeley Lab.
Check the table below for the room, but usually in 50B-4205 or 50B-2222 which is in the Building 50 complex near blackberry gate (bus stop 65).

Each week one of our members will chair the discussion, which effectively mean they'll have a specific set of points they wish to go over.
However, everyone is expected to have read the paper and contribute to the discussion! No slides allowed, but supplementary material/plots is fine! (smile)

Schedule for speakers/papers:



14th Nov.HL-LHC yellow-paper quick-summaries
RebeccaExpected sensitivity of ATLAS to FCNC top quark decays t→Zq and t→Hq at the High Luminosity LHCtop
NehaProjections on Higgs boson crosssections, couplings and branching ratios with ATLAS detector at HL-LHCHiggs physics
24th OctHiggs Width Part 2: 'Indirect measurement'"

17th OctHiggs Width Part 1: 'Direct measurement'


Questions from Google drive:
Questions about Higgs width measurements.pdf

Minutes, courtesy of Greg: Higg’s width_ 10%2F17%2F18.pdf

Introductory material:

10th OctB-tagging : Part 2"Tim50B-4205

3rd Oct

CANCELLEDCancelled by chair"---Cancelled by chair-----
26th SeptB-tagging : Part 1Performance of b-Jet Identification in the ATLAS Experiment: (expert: Ben)50B-4205Questions from Google drive: B-tagging_ inter-meeting links%2Fquestions.pdf

Extra material:

19th SeptCANCELLEDCANCELLEDCANCELLED--Cancelled due to chair illness
12th SeptB-tagging : Question setup
Rebecca (standing in for Tim)50B-2222journalClubMinutes_2018_Sep12th.pdf

This is the first session in the new format and as such will only be ~15 min.

See mattermost for the live page!

5th Sept"--------------------------------"--------------
29th Aug"-----------------------------------"---------------

22nd Aug

"------------------------------------Rebecca & Neha at HCPSS---------------
15th AugSummer break-----------------------------------------------------------------

8th Aug

Special editionWe'll be discussing the future of the club and the schedule for upcoming papers. Also, there will be cake.


"journalClubMinutes_2018_Aug_8.pdf~30-45 minute meeting
1st AugInclusive Top Cross-section : Part 3

Mass review:


Sections 5-6 + mass measurement discussion

Thanks to Patrick for taking the minutes whilst Rebecca is at a workshop!!

25th July

Inclusive Top Cross-section : Part 2""journalClubMinutes_2018_July_25.pdf

Suport note (password protected):

Sections 1-4

18th July

Inclusive Top Cross-section : Part 1 - Just Top Things

Yvonne's slides: Slides (pdf)

xiangyang + (Marjorie)

"journalClubMinutes_2018_July_18.pdfExtra material: PDG Top Quark review

Top overview:
11th July


(LLP workshop)




3rd July


26th June

dEdx search + (Laura)50B-4205Journal_club_6_26_minutes.pdf

20th June

WW scattering

Part 3 -



13th June

WW scattering

Part 2 + (Emily
or Aleksandra)

Support documents for 8 TeV analysis here:

13 TeV support note (via Emily), here:

Emily also linked her slides in the mattermost channel.

6th June

Break week





30th MayDark Matter 3: the FUTURE"""journalClubMinutes_2018_May_30.txt.pdf

23rd MayDark Matter 2: collider searches""50B-4205JC_Minutes_23may2018.pdf
16th MayDark Matter 1: Intro, non-collider searches (sections 1-3) + Karol



PDG Dark matter review:

The Tasi Lecture on resonances (as suggested by Karol):

Mono-higgs diagram:

9th May---------------------
"-----------------------------------Finals week - no meeting
2nd May
-------"-----------------------------------Dead week - no meeting
25th AprilWW scattering"journalClubMinutes_2018_Apr_25th.txt

Support documents for 8 TeV analysis here:

13 TeV support note (via Emily), here:

Emily also linked her slides in the mattermost channel.

18th April

Strong force coupling constant, Part 2

The future:

CMS R32 strong coupling constant:

Using R32 to constrain QCD properties:

Rebecca 50B-4205journalClubMinutes_2018_Apr_18.txt

11th April--------


-----50B-2222-------------Cancelled: I posted wrong paper!! (sad)
4th AprilStrong force coupling constant, Part 1


New paper!

28th Mar----------------------------------------Spring break - no meeting
21st MarPDG Generator MC Part 3 : Misc topics

As below.

  • 41.1.7 on BSM physics
  • 41.1.8 on Decay chains & particle widths
  • 41.1.9 on Matching with matrix elements
Cheyenne"Minute taker not present
14th MarPDG Generator MC Part 2 : HadronizationAs below:
Section: 41.2
7th MarPDG Generator MC review Part 1

    • 41.1.4 on massive quarks
    • 41.1.5 on color information.


New paper!
Collinear singularities (with pictures!):
Paper Ben mentions:
The Pink Book:

28th Feb


-----------------------------Break week. No meeting.
21st Feb

Charged particle multiplicity (3)

14th Feb

Charged particle multiplicity (2)


7th Feb.

Charged particle multiplicity (1)



Emily"journalClubMinutes_2018_Feb7th.txtNew topic!
31st Jan."""50B-2222journalClubMinutes_2018_Jan30th.txt
24th Jan."""50B-4205journalClubMinutes_2018_Jan24th.txtNB: special room!
17th Jan.LuminosityLuminosity_2011Patrick50B-2222journalClub_janaury17th2018.txtNB: Now on Wednesdays @ 2pm
10th Jan.-----Meeting cancelled (Annual ATLAS group meeting)


18th Dec.-----Meeting cancelled (people absent)
11th Dec.-----Meeting cancelled (exams)
4th Dec.-----Meeting cancelled (dead week)
27th Nov.-----Meeting cancelled (people absent)
20th Nov.LHCb lepton universality (4)"""Minute taker not presentLHCb paper wrapped up
13th Nov.cancelled----Meeting cancelled due to too many people being away.
6th Nov.LHCb lepton universality (3)"""journalClubMinutes_Nov6th2017.txtSome useful slides via xiangyang: LHCb.pdf
30th Oct.LHCb lepton universality (2)
23rd Oct.

Drell-Yan xsection (3) +

LHCb lepton universality (1)

 Drell_yan_Elsevier +

""journalClubMinutes_Oct23rd2017.txtSystematics of Drell-Yan + results, theory section of
lepton universality paper.
16th Oct.Drell-Yan xsection (2)"""journalClubMinutes_Oct16th2017.txt
9th Oct.Drell-Yan xsection (1) Drell_yan_ElsevierNikola50B-2222journalClubMinutes_Oct9th2017.txtNew paper!
2nd Oct.Z'/CI - dilepton search (6)"""journalClubMinutes_Oct9th2017.txt
25th Sept.Z'/CI - dilepton search (5)"""journalClubMinutes_Sep25th2017.txt
18th Sept.Z'/CI - dilepton search (4)"Cesar"(minute-taker not present)
11th Sept.Z'/CI - dilepton search (3)"""journalClubMinutes_Sep11th2017.txt
5th Sept.Z'/CI - dilepton search (2)""50B-2222journalClubMinutes_Sep5th2017.txt

This meeting is moved to Tuesday b/c of Labour day.

Note room change!

28th Aug.Z'/CI - dilepton search (1)

Suggestions for papers are always welcome!

Pool of suggested papers: 

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