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This Requirements and Policies Manual (RPM) is organized into 13 Sections, which are further divided into Policy Areas.  Each Policy Area has one more or policies. 

New users may find the "constructed hierarchical page" search the fastest and easiest way to become familiar with the RPM's organization.

  • Hierarchical or Tree Searches:
    • Constructed hierarchical pages:  There are three page levels that provide access to the sections, policy areas and policies.
      • Select "RPM Sections"  at the top of any page to see the 13 tables of Sections and their Policy Areas. 
      • On the RPM Sections page (13 tables), select any Section page to see its Policy Areas and their policies.
      • On the RPM Sections OR on an individual Section page, select any Policy Area to see the Policy Area page and its policies.
    • Constructed hierarchy by dropdown menu: At the top of any page, point to "RPM Sections" to see a dropdown list of the 13 Sections; shift to the right arrow next to any Section to see a dropdown list of its associated Policy Areas; shift to the right arrow next to any Policy Area to see a dropdown list of its associated policies.
    • Treeview (not recommended): This is a reorganization of the A-to-Z. Select A-Z, then select "treeview".
    • WARNING!  Some policies may be accessed by way of more than one Policy Areas but each policy area has a "home" Policy Area, which the user can find in the breadcrumb trail located just above the policy's title.   For example, Pay Distribution appears under HR/Compensation AND also Financial Management/Payroll, and its home Policy Area is Payroll. 
  • Key Word Search: Type in word(s) in "Search the RPM" (orange box) . Asterisk (*) is wildcard.
  • A-to-Z: This is an alphabetical listing of every page title in the RPM.  All items listed are policies or key information pages, EXCEPT those titles that are prefaced by "Sections -" or  "Policy Areas - " or "sidebar".
  • Use Control-F to search within a brief/policy page.
  • Printing: View/This Page/Export to PDF. Remember that a printed copy is not considered official.
  • Linking to unconverted (non-wiki) policies:   Be sure to open the link in another window OR use the back button to return to the wiki-RPM.
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